Owen's first acting role was 'Rory O'Connor' in Neil Jordan's Michael Collins 1998. He went on to star in The General directed by John Borman and several TV roles including The Bill, Paradise Heights, with Neil Morrissey and Ralph Little. His debut TV feature film ARISE AND GO NOW a black comedy about priests, pigeons and the IRA directed by DANNY BOYLE (Slumdog Millionaire) (Trainspotting) was screened as part of the BBC Film on 2 series. He wrote and starred in SHOOTING TO STARDOM a short film directed by Kieron J Walsh which won the best short at the Cork Film Festival in 1999. In 2007 he wrote and directed THE BASKETCASE a short film about Love and Death in small town Ireland. It won best short at the Boston Film fest in 2008 and best short at the Fantasposa Film festival in Brazil in 2009

You can watch Owen's film by clicking on to https://vimeo.com/100196098