'O'Neill's animated passionate performance brings his poetry to life and puts each piece into perfect context' GLASGOW HERALD. Up coming shows. The Stand. Edinburgh 1st 2nd 3rd Sep Aspects Literary Festival Bangor 23 24th Sep. Ley Hill hall Bucks 14th Oct Sheffield Festival 27th 28th 29th Oct



The net of fate has spread the cast

and the stars are all out there

light years away from reality

shining bright and dead.



No light, taut, me and another
Framed in the dark

She taught me in the pictures
Then the light came on

Oh the light! But she was gone
And so were my Dolly Mixtures.



Judas kissed and never said a word
a kiss was enough, his kiss of death, the kiss that killed him.

Judas, what a chance you took
Jesus took no chances, Jesus knew all along.

He should have warned you Judas
That Jesus, What a Judas he turned out to be.